Tendering and supervision

We guarantee support in tendering and realization

The success of an energy storage or geothermal energy system depends on a sound design and well-managed implementation. With expertise in all aspects of projects, we offer important added value when it comes to realization. Clients can decide themselves how they want to use our services, from daily supervision to only focus on quality checks at critical moments.


At IF we manage the whole design, tendering and implementation process from A to Z. Tendering documents will be prepared and can be tendered separately or as an integrated part of a complete realization of a building or all the technical equipment in a building.


The supervision on site is often focused on critical moments during drilling, determining the filter screens and the well development. Especially abroad, we often perform a day by day supervision at the drilling of wells and the well development.


After the completion of the wells and technical equipment in the field and technical room, we perform tests and IO-tests and SATs. Our clients will get a clear report of the commissioning.


  • Tendering services
  • Project management
  • Supervision during realization
  • Commissioning
  • Quality checks
  • IO-tests
  • SAT
  • Quality check As built drawings and documentation