Surface Water Energy

How we obtain energy from deep lakes and rivers

There are sources of thermal energy all around us. Cold water from deep lakes, seas, canals and rivers can be used to cool buildings directly. The water is then returned to the water body, where it cools again, and the process is repeated. However, it is also possible to use the same water body as a heat source. During summer surface water such as rivers, shallow lakes and canals will collect heat, which can be used as source for heating. Surface Water Energy solutions can be perfectly combined with Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage and be integrated in Green City concepts or Smart Cities. Alternative solutions for collection of heat and cold can be made by using asphalt of roads or take off lanes.


These green technologies, combined with other systems such as heat pumps, can give a major sustainable contribution to meeting our energy demand.


During the years, new methods have been developed to ensure a stable intake of surface water using a special filtration system. If the river or lake might freeze, the inlet unit can easily be demounted and stored till spring.


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