High temperature storage NIOO

High temperature storage NIOO

The new building for the ecological research institute contains many innovative sustainable solutions. Re-use of waste water, rainwater to flush toilets, but also generating algae for energy. Also, the geothermal solution is unique due to the combination of ATES and high temperature storage. Solar collectors and waste heat are stored in a low permeable layer at 295 m depth at a temperature of 45 oC. This makes it possible to heat without the use of a heat pump. The direct cooling will be provided by an ATES system.


We supported NIOO in the energy conceptual design, design of the wells and we are still involved in the daily monitoring.



ATES system

  • Max groundwater flow: 90 m³/h
  • Number of Wells: 2
  • Depth: 35-90 m bsl


High temperature storage

  • Max groundwater flow: 60 m³/h
  • Number of Wells: 2
  • Depth: 220 – 295 m bsl