Project development and due diligence

Develop your green city with geothermal solutions

Setting up green residential areas is quite popular. More and more project developers are willing to reduce the energy demands of homes and integrate sustainable energy solution. The idea is not to look at a house itself only, but to integrate the environment in the development. New residential areas can have a shallow geothermal system, connected to a heating grid. The grid can be feed by solar collectors which are on the roofs of the new houses or heat will be derived from a biowaste plant. The farmers around produce biomass and a few windmills and solar panels generate electricity. The green city concept.


IF Technology is supporting project developers or municipalities to work out green city concept and advices about organisational issues and tariff structures. Sound organisational structures are essential for investing in and managing such systems.


In some cases, IF is involved in the due diligence of geothermal systems when ESCO’s are expanding their business.


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  • Due diligence
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