We arrange the required permits for your project

We can prepare and apply for a broad range of permits in relation to the construction and operation of ATES, BTES and geothermal systems. We prepare environmental assessment studies and discuss license conditions and monitoring plans with the authority.


In the Netherlands, nearly all ATES systems needs a permit and we support our clients by preparing the risks assessment and we guide the permit procedure. Besides the Netherlands, we support our clients to get the required permits which belong to the abstraction and injection of groundwater. Not in all of the countries there is a proper legal framework, so special attention is spent to convince the authorities about the save working of ATES or BTES.


For deep geothermal systems the mining law or comparable laws are applicable. We have experience how to obtain exploration licenses and production licenses at local mining authorities.


Development of wells for ATES and geothermal systems produce large amount of water which must be discharged to surface water of sewer. Licenses must apply for storage and disposal.


  • Environmental risk assessment studies
  • Permit applications
  • Water law
  • Mining law
  • Discharge permits
  • All other relevant permits