Our experts

Our team consists of more than 65 experts, specializes in developing, implementing and managing green and environmentally-friendly solutions to energy and water problems. Below you will find a selection of our team with a special attention to international challenges.
Managing Director
Martijn van Aarssen

Martijn is managing director of IF Technology and is involved in the business development for implementation of systems for sustainable heating and cooling. Geothermal Energy and Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES; shallow and deep) play a prominent role alongside other sustainable technologies, such as surface water energy, solar thermal systems and district heating and cooling. In his company, he develops guidance for the ambitions and interests of seventy highly educated and critical consultants and engineers. Martijn initiates new innovative concept developments and is manager of sustainable projects. He is every day working on new product-market combinations. He focuses in particular on markets such as government, built environment, and utilities.

I thrive on creating customer challenges by delivering real added value to the solution.

International business manager
Bas Godschalk

Sometimes, a simple question is a big challenge. Would it be possible to make an ATES system on this site? And how are we going to organize the realization, and can you guarantee that it will work in our soil? I love it to work on complex projects and especially in serving our international clients with their geothermal challenges. With my experience I would like to support you with your foreign ambitions.

Turning complex issues into practical solutions that work, that makes customers and I happy.

Senior consultant geothermal energy
Guido Bakema

In the past twenty years - and also for the next twenty years - I will work to help governments and companies to make the step towards sustainable energy. This transition requires well-functioning systems, but certainly also new models in the area of finance, cooperation and ownership structure. Challenging, but also really necessary, we want to get our energy cleaner, more social and affordable.

The world in transition to sustainable energy, I am committed to that!

Senior specialist geothermal energy
Nick Buik

From my civil technical and geohydrological background, I am able to approach subsurface related issues from multiple angles. I use this knowledge to identify and describe the possibilities as well as to quantify the risks and uncertainties in geo-energy related projects. My qualities lie in the translation of the theory into practice.

My passion is finding pragmatic solutions for challenging and complex issues, where quality and customer satisfaction come first for me.

Senior specialist well technology
Tim Aalten

Since I have been employed at IF, I have designed and helped to realize more than 200 groundwater well (ATES) systems at The Netherlands as well as abroad (including USA, UK, Japan). As a well engineer, I possess the experience and expertise to make the most optimized well systems, taking into account the local soil and groundwater properties, available materials and equipment. During realization of wells (and groundwater systems) I am often asked to advise and to supervise the drillings, in order to maintain the high-quality standards for ATES systems.

I like to take on the challenge of helping to realize high-quality and sustainable wells in a complex subsurface, that forms the base of a good ATES system.

Senior hydrogeologist
Benno Drijver

I work at IF Technology since 1999. I use scientific knowledge to solve practical issues for projects and research questions concerning ATES-systems and deep geothermal systems. My typical experience includes hydrogeology, modelling of groundwater flow and thermal transport, geochemistry and soil mechanics.

Driven by curiosity.

Senior consultant sustainable energy
Rob Kleinlugtenbelt

At IF, I have been consulting on sustainable heat, cold and electricity since 2009. In my work, I match energy demand and renewable sources into practical and sustainable energy solutions. I test these solutions for financial and technical feasibility.

I like to design simple and sustainable solutions for complex energy issues.

Senior geophysicist
Dr. Wouter van Leeuwen

I have been working at IF since 2008, where I have specialized in conducting geothermal exploration studies at home and abroad. Additionally, I’m an expert in the acquisition of magnetotelluric data in the field, as well as the processing and modelling of EM data. I enjoy applying scientific concepts in practice.

I experience a lot of pleasure in successfully solving a challenging situation.

Senior consultant sustainable energy installations
Herman Velvis

I am a very passionate technician, who operates from the initiative up to and including the exploitation. My expertise of work is the cutting edge of energy technology, hydraulics and control technology. I’m a good listener and like collaboration in energy challenges and learning from realized systems.

I like to think in simple and sustainable solutions for complex energy challenges.

Business Developer Geothermal Energy
Guus Willemsen

As one of the founders of IF Technology in 1989, I have always been on the forefront of new geothermal technology and market developments. For me it is most inspiring to cooperate with partners and clients to create new solutions. I have worked in all fields of geothermal energy: shallow geothermal, deep geothermal, EGS, high temperature heat storage, etc. Applying this experience in projects for clients is what makes me happy.

We have to look ahead, to know where we want to go and we have to use maps, to see the different paths. But in the end, we have to make steps on the ground, every day again.

Geologist, expert geothermal energy
Maartje van Dijk

More than ten years of mineral and geothermal exploration knowledge empower me to deliver technically advanced, high-quality subsurface models that enable the development of geothermal projects.

To create together a sustainable future, that’s what drives me.