Engineering services

We guarantee realistic design and implementation

We offer a wide variety of engineering services for surface and subsurface installations for Aquifer Thermal Energy storage, Borehole Thermal Energy Storage, Geothermal Energy, district cooling and heating systems, surface water installations and building installations.


The services include well, civil, mechanical, electro-mechanical and I&M and HVAC engineering. We deliver services in every phase of the design process: from Base of design (BOD) and final design to detailed design, 3D-AutoCAD drawings and shopping lists.


During the last 30 years, we have made over 2,000 designs for shallow and deep geothermal systems. This experience will be used to optimize the design for our clients.


We work according to Dutch and international industrial design rules and we are certified for BRL 11000, BRL 6000-21 (Dutch ATES & BTES standards) and ISO 9001-2015. Our design tools include Pipe Flow, AUTOCAD, Visio and program developed by ourselves.


  • Pre-design
  • Design of geothermal systems
  • Specifications and shopping lists
  • Engineering of wells
  • Design of technical heating and cooling systems