Energy, market and planning studies

Implementing cooling and heating projects for green and sustainable cities

The world is currently in a transition towards energy provision that is less dependent on fossil fuels. This development, which is being encouraged for environmental, political and economic reasons, includes initiatives to exploit local energy sources. Suitable green techniques include the use and storage of residual heat, extracting heat from under the ground, using heat pumps with energy storage, geothermal energy and the use of surface water.


We can provide advice on specific town cooling and heating plans, wherever there is an underground dimension. However, our input is not limited to the choice and application of techniques. It also includes advice about organisational issues and tariff structures. Sound organisational structures are essential for investing in and managing such systems.


Energy storage is being adopted widely in towns and cities around the world, but if a number of systems are installed close together, they can influence one another, which can reduce their efficiency. There can also be underground pressure from wells and pipes. To ensure that everything is in its proper place, we make master plans of what lies under the ground.


In recent years, we have drawn up many master plans and ensured that they are given legal weight. We have considerable in-house expertise in underground techniques, energy and policy. This multidisciplinary knowledge is applied in creating made-to-measure master plans.


  • Conceptual energy studies
  • Underground spatial planning for ATES & BTES
  • Masterplan implementation geothermal energy
  • Market analysis geothermal energy