Deep Geothermal

Heating (green)houses and generating electricity using the heat within the earth

In the earth’s core energy (heat) is continuously created. Warm water in the earth’s subsurface can be used for heating purposes or generation of electricity by pumping it to the surface. After heat extraction the water is re-injected into the same reservoir layer after heat extraction. The heat is transferred through a heat exchanger. The temperature that can be provided by the geothermal system depends on the depth of the drilling and the geothermal gradient (the increase in temperature per meter depth). Geothermal energy can be perfectly used for heating greenhouses and residential areas.


Even more interesting is to generate electricity with a deep geothermal system when the production temperatures are higher than 120 °C. The waste head by the electric generator can still be used for heating purposes.


Also, for off-grid electricity production we have developed a solution called Mini-GEO. This technology can be applied in slim holes and in difficult accessible areas.


At IF we can contribute at all stages of a deep geothermal project, from a quick scan, through a geophysical (seismic and MT) and petrophysical analysis, to reservoir modelling, to designing the wells, providing well-site geology, interpretation of well and production tests and design of the technical facilities.


Is heat or electricity production possible on your site? We can check it for you. Please, contact one of our specialists and we can perform a quickscan.