Borehole Thermal Energy Storage

Using the earth as a rechargeable battery

Borehole Thermal Energy Storage or Ground Source Heat Exchange Systems (BTES systems) consist of arrays of tubes installed in the subsurface vertically or horizontally. These are simple and renewable methods for underground heat exchange, providing energy for use in heat pumps. To a limited extent it’s also possible to supply cold for cooling with this system.


From a technical point of view, a BTES system can be used virtually anywhere in the world. A ground heat exchanger can also be used for storage of heat from other renewable sources, such as solar energy.


We support owners, project developers, energy companies, consultants, contractors and drilling companies from feasibility studies to implementation and operation of a ground heat exchange system. The aim is to install and operate systems as sustainable as possible, while optimising investment and operating costs.


Check if a BTES system will be your solution. Please, contact one of our specialist and we can help you.