Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage

Cooling a building in summer using winter cold

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) is a renewable energy technique whereby winter cold is stored underground and used to cool offices, hospitals, municipal buildings and shopping malls during the summer. The heat that is released in the cooling process is also stored in the same aquifer, but in the warm well.  The heat can then be used to heat buildings during winter time. Although in practice the temperature differences may be small, heat pumps can enhance thermal performance and direct cooling can be delivered through the groundwater.


This technique, which covers a variety of methods for storing energy underground, is based on proven technology and often has an interesting return on investment. The potential for using energy storage depends on the suitability of the underground and on legal restrictions, which vary from country to country.


We are experts in all of the technical, organisational and legal issues involved in implementing underground energy storage projects, from start to finish, from the first quick scan through permitting, implementation and delivery, to operation.


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