The ground beneath our feet is becoming increasingly valuable. It’s a source of heating and energy, but also provides potential storage for heat and cold. Also, smart combinations can be made to use the surface water or other water bodies as energy sources in green city concepts. All of these applications are now possible thanks to innovative technologies. With our expertise in the subsurface, we help our clients to come up with green and sustainable energy solutions.



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We have unique expertise in exploiting geothermal solutions worldwide. This expertise is increasingly in demand, both at home and abroad. Our team of more than 65 experts are specialized in all of the technical, organisational and legal issues involved in implementing geothermal and water solutions, from start to finish, from the first quick scan through permitting, implementation and delivery, to operation.



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Seismic interpretation
Supervision during installation ATES




We are proud of our projects and we are pleased with the high satisfaction of our clients. During the last 30 years, we have worked on more than 3,000 projects. Most of them in the Netherlands, but more and more abroad such as in United Kingdom, Belgium, US, China, Japan, Romania, Spain, Indonesia, Denmark and many more.




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